The Department of Basic Sciences was established in 2014. From the beginning of the establishment, the department tried to offer all the basic courses that needed at all faculties in the Mehraeen Higher Education Institute (MHEI). These courses are focused on Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.
The department has 4 full-time and 3 part-time academic members educated from the best universities of Iran with research interest in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Not only Students and faculty interact through a variety of courses, but also they are encouraged to participate in research works and scientific community (in future). In the Department of Basic Science, faculty members and staff all work together to use and create modern methods for educating basic and advanced concepts in science.
Main future goals of the department are:
• Offering basic science courses to international students
• Communicate with international universities and scientific societies
• Participating in interdisciplinary research by other faculties of MHEI
• Establishment of basic science faculty by expanding the department, staff and facilities
• Construction of basic and advanced laboratories in the basic science