The Department of Computer Science was established in 2014. Our aim  is to train experts in the fields of analysis, design, construction and commissioning of new hardware devices and sets, Assessment and recognition of existing hardware and software, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair and development work.

Graduate Capabilities

Design, simulation, production, processing, evaluation, training, editing, etc. are all concepts that meet the highest accuracy and the shortest time possible in computer software programs. Our graduates should be capable of researching of analyzing, and interpreting and assessing data and information in various forms:

1. Assessment and recognition of new hardware and software and their applications.
2. Assess gaps and needs in the software and hardware industry and services sectors and formulate their needs, Feasibility and determine the tools and manpower shortages.
3. The analysis of small and medium software and hardware systems and provide the right solution for their implementation.
4. Design of small and medium software and hardware Afzray and production plans for their implementation.
5. Computer projects, installation, testing and training.
6. Support and maintenance of software systems involves the detection of errors, fix errors and add new features to the system.
7. Computers Troubleshooting and Computer systems and Bug fixes.
8. Identifying new technologies and evaluating the design and manufacture of computers and their applications.